1. The hypercubes

    If you are fascinated by higher dimensions, here is something to get your teeth into… These are orthographic (2D or flat) projections of analogues of the cube from dimensions zero-ten. The higher dimensional analogues can also be called hypercubes, or n-cubes where “n” is the number of dimensions. The term “n-cube” is also used for the lower dimensional projections. so a line is called a 1-cube and a square is a 2-cube and so on..
    A tesseract is constructed by connecting the vertices of two cubes through a fourth dimension. The penteract is constructed by connecting the vertices of two tesseracts through a fifth dimension. 
    Have a look at how the cube is oriented and try to visualise how the hypercubes are constructed.. it is not as hard as it looks.. 

    :)Alex@ Fathom the Universe

    source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypercube


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